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Why is PHP better than other programming languages?

Undoubtedly, PHP is a powerful programming language that will reduce any programmer's time to code, compile and deliver the final result. If you are a developer and know multiple programming languages, you always prefer working with PHP for better productivity in less time consuming situations! There are some key features, due to which PHP can dominate other programming languages. Let's discuss - why PHP is more helpful than other programming languages!

Open Source: PHP is an open source software. PHP's complete source code is open and anyone can use it completely free. Thus, you don't need to buy or pay any license when you learn or work with PHP.

Platform Independent: PHP is completely platform-independent. Developers can write programs on a Linux and later test it on a Windows laptop. Different operating systems have no effect on PHP coding. Other programming languages will not have the ability to remain 'as is' on separate operating systems.

Cloud-Ready: Since PHP was invented for the internet and the cloud is only part of the web. This makes PHP a client-server-oriented programming language with great support for the cloud. For this reason, 'cloud service providers also offer PHP hosting.

Simple Database Linking: PHP is adapted for simple database linking. It can create links to different database types. MySQL is more favorable database management system used by developers. It is free to use with PHP. But if coding is done with ASP then you need to buy Microsoft license to use it.

Creating Dynamic Websites: PHP is commonly used to create dynamic websites. You can embed PHP in HTML. And many medium or small web applications can be developed using PHP. Using other programming languages, you face challenges and it will take more time.

Support: If you face any problem related to PHP coding, the extensive support community is ready to help you. If you can search on the internet, you can find the solution to your problem. If you don't, forum posting will get you resolved in no time.

In this modern world, if you stand in the market with a single programming language, surely it is like standing in quicksand. PHP is better than other languages, but you should not forget other programming languages too. Because when plan A fails, plan B always works.