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To become a good JavaScript developer you can follow the following steps:

Get the right idea for a good JavaScript XI: Get familiar with JavaScript syntax, variables, functions, objects, arrays, control statements, loops, etc. Also, learn about various libraries and frameworks used in JavaScript application development.

Practice JavaScript coding: Use your editor and development environment to write code in JavaScript. Practice writing your own code and try turning it into a project. Also there are various javascript code tutorials available online, follow them and practice.

Learn Functional Programming: Functional programming is an important concept in JavaScript. This gives you a better way to reduce code complexity and repeatability. Prepare functional programming, learn programming concepts such as higher-order functions, pure functions, curry, compose, reduce, map, filter etc.

Know Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Object-oriented programming is an important concept in JavaScript. This helps you to modularize your code and increase reusability. Prepare for Object-Oriented Programming, learn programming concepts such as classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, etc.

Learn JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks: You can gain more work skills by using various JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Know jQuery, React, Angular, Vue.js etc. as JavaScript libraries and Express.js, Node.js, Meteor.js etc. as JavaScript frameworks.

Practice projects: Project practice is very important to become a good JavaScript developer. Your starting projects can be simple, such as calculators, todolists, cart applications, etc. Try to complete each project and try to apply new techniques and new concepts.

Join the Community: Connect with the JavaScript-related community, participate in online forums and social media groups. It will help you learn new tips, tricks, techniques and find solutions to your queries. You can create webinars, tutorials, blog posts, project related resources, etc. and ask as many questions as you want in the community.

By following these steps you can become a good JavaScript developer. Basically work on JavaScript with regular time to practice and improve your technique. With patience and hard work you can learn JavaScript steadily. Best wishes!