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Why use Github and what are the benefits of using it?

GitHub is an open source platform used for software development, collaborative project management and repository services. GitHub is mainly known as version control system. GitHub provides a variety of services related to code repositories and repositories for a wide variety of software projects. Users can store their code, work on collaborative projects, modify the code, and manage the code using GitHub.

Following are some important features of GitHub:

Version control: GitHub provides a version control system, which helps users manage and modify all code. It allows storing versions of old code, monitoring revision-related changes, and supporting rollbacks.

Collaborative Project Management: GitHub provides a collaborative project management tool. It fosters collaboration between different team members within the project, helps manage code, and provides project-specific activity descriptions.

Bug Tracking: GitHub provides a bug tracking system that users can use to manage all bug and change information. It provides analysis and statistical tools within the project team that can be used to improve project quality and identify bugs.

Repositories: GitHub provides repository services for public and private repositories. Users can use this service to store their code and other files and share them with other users as needed. GitHub is known as a recently developed platform and many projects and repositories are still running using GitHub. It provides a beautiful user interface and can manage collaborative projects through various common and development tools.